Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Is Now Available On iOS, Android Version Coming Out Later This Week

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

All the Harvest Moon fans cheer up. Natsume has finally released Harvest Moon: Light of Hope on iOS today. The game is available now to play on all iOS devices. It is also available via the iOS App Store. The game will set you back $14.99.

It is also confirmed by Natsume that an Android version of the game will launch later this week. So, all the fans of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will soon be able to enjoy the game on their Android smartphones as well.

According to the game’s overview on the App Store, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope offers a totally new start. In the new surroundings players will start the game by setting on a voyage in order to begin a new life. But, unfortunately, they will land on a small harbor town as a result of their shipwreck. The town will be deserted and the duty to rebuild it will lie on your shoulders.

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Although, the job isn’t easy but players will have to build the town from scratch. Growing crops, gathering all kinds of materials and resources, herding livestock, starting a family, and reviving the old lighthouse are the main responsibilities. Complete all these and you’ll have your new home.

Key features of the game include completing various quests, unlocking new areas, collecting important materials, growing and mutating the crops, taking care of the livestock, user friendly Ul design, and tons of tutorials. Players can choose between the characters of boy or girl to play the game. Getting married, starting a family, and raising children are among other crucial elements of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is now fully available on iOS devices. It will launch on Android later this week. However, a final release date for Android has yet to be announced by Natsume.


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