Harry Potter Incredible New Footage Of AAA Blockbuster RPG Leaked Online, HP Characters, Spells, and Monsters From HP Universe on the Prowl


Fans have been requesting and wanting an AAA Harry Potter game for years now. Electronic Arts did, in fact, played around with the series but they never actually were able to get the rights to release a Harry Potter game. Some Harry Potter games indeed surfaced such as Harry Potter – Hogwarts Mystery and Niantic has also lined up Harry Potter: Wizard Unite for a 2019 launch. But, that, in reality, isn’t what fans actually wanted in the first place.

Well, it now seems that all the fans were heard, by someone at least. A leaked Harry Potter footage was recently spotted at the Press Start website. Seems like someone did, in fact, broke the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). The leaked footage shows of a new Harry Potter game in which we can see new locations, characters, spells, and monsters from the Harry Potter Universe.

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By the looks of the leaked Harry Potter game footage, it is also speculated that it might be Rocksteady’s next big game. But, as the Rocksteady are still in superhero business, it should be taken with a grain of salt. It is also in the air that the game might be one of Avalanche Studios’ big breaks for next year. They have worked on similar games in the past and they have given to us the amazing Disney Infinity. Not to mention, they have also been bought by the mogul Warner Bros. last year as well. So, it is possible that Avalanche Studios is making a new Harry Potter game.

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Features of the Leaked Harry Potter Game

  • Journey to Hogwarts to become one of 8 different Wizard types
  • Experience Hogwarts, make new friends, uncover new secrets, and change the fate of the Wizarding world.
  • Experience a new magic system that creates countless possibilities to master magic.
  • Freely explore the Wizarding World for the first time., Choose your house and friends at Hogwarts, and decide to pursue a path of good or evil.
  • Create your own witch or wizard, and experience a all new story separate from the books or film.

Hopefully, fans will hear something solid about the game real soon. We’ll keep an eye out for the latest info about the game and will share with you at the earliest. Stay tuned.


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