Guacamelee 2 Expected To Launch On August for PC and PlayStation 4

Guacamelee 2

Hurrah, Guacamelee 2 is ready to amaze the people on August 21. People have already excited to see the trailer.

Well, the game will be out on PS4 as well as PC. But the people that have PlayStation 4 has the opportunity to give the pre-order for the game instantly. On the other side, there is an amazing and exciting offer for the people who are the members of PlayStation Plus. They’ve the chance to get the game with 20% off.

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The game has designed the multiple attacks by inspiring with wrestling moves to setback their enemies. The fans have seen the first sight of the trailer. The game is now coming with new challenges as well as more power moves. The chicken which is a player has more powers and abilities than before. There has been added to the new powers in the game such as Rocket Kick as well as Eagle Boost.

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Now, the chicken has more commands for Juan’s chicken form. There is a collection of chicken that nobody can handle. The player will get the experience of an epic journey with full of adventure. The game will provide the beautiful surroundings and 2D animation. Now, the player will enjoy by having the dense gameplay. This game has a lot of things that people will get surprised to play this. There are the larger maps as well. The player will have to combat with many types of the enemy as well. If the person has missed the chance to give a try to Guacamelee then he must think about it. No doubt, the game has more fun with challenges.


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