GTA 6 Rumor Suggests the Game will be Delayed, Rockstar’s Budget Allocation Problems are Possible Delay Factors

GTA 6 Release

A new rumor suggests that the release of GTA 6 will be delayed. The possible reason for the delay could be the problems Rockstar Games is facing in allocating its budget for the game. Besides, the budget allocation issues, there could be any other reasons for its delay, but at the moment it seems the right one to be blamed.

If we take a look at the most recent rumors, news, and details on the internet, you’ll find out that GTA 6 is probably one of the most awaited titles of this year. It’s part of one of the most successful franchises to date. A number of its games are running from a long time and have garnered heavy profits for Rockstar Games.

According to a previous MarketWatch report, GTA 5 has collectively sold over 90 million copies worldwide. This alone filled the company’s pockets with a whopping $6 billion. During the GTA 5 development, it was heard that Rockstar has given a little over $250 million budget for the game. As a result, GTA 5 offered 24 times more profit to the company than the investment.

According to a new rumor, it is possible that Rockstar will eventually double up the figure for GTA 6. This might sum up to a whopping $600 million for the game. So why is there going to be a delay in the GTA 6 release?

Well, a big reason could be the problems the developer is facing in allocating the proper budget for the game. We know that Rockstar has been thinking about adding the VR content to the game. So this definitely needs more budget than the initially rumored $600 million.

Another possible reason for the delayed release of GTA 6 can be that the game might just not be intended for the current generation of video game consoles. As the next generation of both PlayStation and Xbox consoles is expected in 2020 and 2022 respectively, this game might delay until then.

So, as the rumor suggests, these can be the causes of delay in the release of GTA 6. As the developer isn’t certain about its budget allocations, it might be the biggest causes to delay the game. But, there could always be other reasons. Hopefully, we’ll hear something solid about the game and its release soon.

Stay tuned for more news about GTA 6. Share your views about GTA 6 and possible delay in its release with us via comments.

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