Google Play Pass currently has more than 800 games and Apps


Google today reported that Google Play Pass presently houses more than 800 applications and games. Moreover, Google declared a lot of new gaming titles that are accessible on the organization’s membership administration for nothing.

The rundown incorporates Football Manager 2021, which was prior accessible for $8.99 ( ₹659 approx.), Sago Mini School, which was prior accessible for $7.99 ( ₹586 approx.), Flockers, which was prior accessible for $1.99 ( ₹146 approx.), Teslagrad, which was prior accessible for $6.99 ( ₹513 approx.), The Gardens Between, which was prior accessible for $4.99 ( ₹366 approx.), Forgotten Anne, Star Wars: KOTOR, which was prior accessible for $9.99 ( ₹733 approx.), and Dead Cells, which was prior accessible for $8.99 ( ₹659 approx.).

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The rundown doesn’t end there. Notwithstanding the previously mentioned games, Google has added many games to Play Pass in the recent months. While EVO ISLAND, Fisti-Fluffs and SPHAZE: Sci-fi puzzle game on Play Pass are debuting on Play Pass, the organization has additionally dispatched games like Dead Cells, Mental Hospital IV – 3D Creepy and Scary Horror Game, Super Cat Tales 2 and Slender Last Sleep on Game Play.

For puzzle sweethearts, the organization has dispatched Hamster Town, Shuttle Shuffle: Aliens, Panic, Swapperoo, Faraway: Puzzle Escape, Mystic Pillars: A Story Based Puzzle Game, Pebble Universe and Stranger Cases: A Mystery Escape among others.

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For those of you who don’t know, Google dispatched Play Pass membership administration back in September 2019. At that point, it had more than 350 applications and cost just $1.99 ( ₹146 approx.) each month for the principal year. This cost was then expanded to $4.99 ( ₹366 approx.) when the principal year finished.

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