Google Fires 48 Employees for Sexual Misconduct

google sundar pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai replied in the document that was sent to the employees on the story in the newspaper, stating that the company has put several of such things under cover.

The Google CEO says that thirteen people have been ranked in top positions. According to him, none of them received a severance payment. However, research by the New York Times shows that Google omitted various matters from senior executives. It would include Andy Rubin, the maker of the operating system Android.

According to the newspaper, the management asked Rubin to resign in 2014 after allegations of sexual misconduct. He would have forced a subordinate female employee with whom he had an extra-marital relationship to have sex in a hotel room.

On his departure, Rubin received a departure premium of 90 million dollars (now around 70 million euros), payable in monthly installments of 2 million dollars.

Sundar Pichai himself did not give names of those responsible.


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