Google Celebrates Halloween With First-Ever Multiplayer Interactive Game Doodle, Powerups, Tips, Personal Superlatives and Much More

Halloween 18

We know that there is still one day left for Halloween, but apparently, Google doesn’t know. So to mark the occasion Google has decided to make its first-ever multiplayer interactive game Doodle called the Great Ghoul Duel.

Players will be ghosts in two teams of four exploring one of several spooky maps. Players will have to collect as many wandering spirit flames as they can and return them to their homebase within two minutes. After time’s up, the team that has collected the most spirit flames wins. But, players can intercept and try to steal other players’ spirits and stop them from reaching their homebase.

There will be bonuses too, for players who collect the most spirit flames, such as:

  • Speed Boost: It will increase the speed of the player
  • Night Vision: It will light up the darkly lit map
  • Magnetism: It will attract the spirits farther away from you
  • Walk Through Walls: This is a very rare bonus. Well, as the name says, it lets you walk through walls

Note: You will only receive these boosts when you reach your homebase.

In addition, players will also be awarded their personal superlatives based on their performances, such as:

  • Most Generous: Stolen From The Most
  • Polter-Heist: Stole The Most
  • Spirit Hoarder: Most Spirits At The End
  • Most Spirited: Most Spirits Collected
  • Best Friend: Most Buddy Bonuses
  • Flame Whisperer: Most Mega-Flames
  • Most Popular: Most Spirits Held At Once
  • Skill o’ The Wisps: Fastest to Max Powerups
  • Shyest: Least Spirits Collected
  • Most Humble: Fewest Powerups
  • Ghostly Presence: Most Transparent

Players can choose to host the game with up to seven friends via a custom invitation link or they can just play with random players.

Tip: When you or your spirits touch a friend of yours you get 5 additional spirits.


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