God Eater 3: Sneak Peek, Characters, Gameplay and Release Date For PC and PS4


Bandai Namco, the publisher and developer of God Eater 3 has finally revealed more information about the game. The new information includes several new gameplay and character images, new characters, a new game story, and various other things.

In addition, the new Caravans and the characters of Hilda Henriques and Amy Chrysanthemum have also been introduced for God Eater 3. More new details include overviews of The Ashlands – Outbreak and the Collapse of Fenrir Organization, The Caravans – Cruising the Ashlands, An Encounter with a Caravan, and The Ash Crawler Chrysanthemum.

Overviews of both the new characters, Hilda and Amy, have also been released by Bandai Namco. The characters of Amy and Hilda are voiced over by Minami Tsuda and Umeka Shouji respectively.

As the new information about God Eater 3 suggests, players will encounter Aragami, the mysterious lifeforms that devour everything in their path. In a world pushed into total chaos and collapse, players will be part of the GodEater force. GodEater force is the only line of defense against the mighty enemies. With the use of God Arcs the biomechanical hybrid weapons, players will be able to eliminate their enemies.

The ultimate purpose of the game is to save the remaining souls from the Ashlands while building safer habitats underground known as Ports. Similarly, players will enjoy the amazing ride of Ash Crawlers, otherwise called Caravans,  over the mobile fortresses designed to travel within the Ashlands. As the humanity’s sole lifeline, Caravans have a high value in the game.

The game is set for a release on PS4 at December 13th, 2018 and a PC version of the game is lined up for an early 2019 release in Japan. North American releases are also set for an early 2019 release. However, an exact date for the North American regions is yet to come out.

Checkout all the recently released sneak peeks of God Eater 3 in the Gallery Below.


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