GameFly is shutting down video game streaming service at the end of August

GameFly shutting down video game streaming

According to the company’s official messages, Gamefly is planning to shut down its video game streaming service this August. The last day of the game streaming service will be August 31. The company will, however, continue to sell the disc-based games through the mail. GameFly supports some smart TVs and many other streaming media players online.

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Cloud Gaming Technology

The start of the company was in the year 2002. The company started the video rental service and using this service they mailed the game discs to the users for a monthly fee. Sean Spector, Toby Lenk, and Jung Suh are the founders of the company. The company was a huge hit back then. Then in 2009, they acquired Shacknews and MobyGames in 2011. Earlier this year the news was that EA is acquiring the company’s personnel and also the cloud gaming technology.

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Gives the Gamers a free way to Watch

Ken Moss, who is the Chief Technology Officer of Electronic Arts says that cloud gaming is a great frontier for those who wish to enjoy the gaming experience online from any device and anywhere around the world. He also said that EA is thrilled to bring the GameFly’s talent and technology in EA. He said that we would innovate the future of the games and the gameplay.

EA’s spokesman said that earlier when we acquired the company in Israel and the technology they had. The spokesperson said that they did not acquire the Gamefly’s streaming service at that time. He added, now we have plans to acquire these services, and we are making decisions in this perspective.

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According to the reliable sources, the Gamefly’s decision to stop their streaming service this August came after when the EA purchased their cloud streaming tech.


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