The Sims 5 Release Date News: Sims 5 will not launch in 2018

About the Future of The Sims 5

The Sims become popular in the whole world. The Sims firstly released in February 2000. In the March 2002, more than 11.3 million copies of the Sims had sold. Then the Sims 2 released in the September 2004. From the Sims 2 store over 400 items were released. Electronic Arts launched the Sims 3 on the June 2009. On April 2009 the Will Wright who designed the original game had left the Maxis to follow his personal project.

Release Date of Sims 4:

On September 2014 Electronics Arts launched the Sims 4. In the early days of the Sims 4, Maxis clearly tell us that before thinking about the next game they were focusing on the success of the Sims 4. But now the people are still waiting for the releasing date of the Sims 5. According to the expected date of Sims 5, it may release in early 2020.

Release Date of the Sims 5:

As we knew that the Sims 5 will not launch in 2018. According to the information, Electronics Arts may spend 5 to 6 years for the developing expansion of the Sims 4, which may be affected by critics. So the Sims 5 may launch on early 2020. The popularity of the Sims 4 is the cause of the late releasing date of the Sims 5.

Electronic Arts Should Get their Fans Trust Back:

The Sims 4 is called “My first Pet Stuff”. In the early days of the Sims 4 fans expressed their disappointment because of the missing features which came by default. Now Electronics Arts will try to ignore the bad publicity and their performance. So for development of Sims 5, they should have more of the expected features which will impress the whole world.

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