Free Users may Skip Unlimited Ads on Spotify soon, Here is How

Free Users may Skip Unlimited Ads on Spotify soon

There is a lot of media on the web which may tend to tease the users and viewers with ads. One of the biggest names in the world of media on the web is Spotify. The ads on Spotify are just as annoying, if not more, as any other ads on the web. When you are listening to your favorite album, and an ad pops up after every single song, how annoying is it? It’s even worse than the ad which starts before watching a YouTube video. Those ads have a Skip button alongside, which you can click after just viewing five seconds of the ad. However, on Spotify, there is no Skip button so you have to listen to the complete ad which is the same ad over and over again and you have to listen to it for half a minute before you can listen to your song.

It’s a nuisance and Spotify knows this, which is why the company has decided to go ad-free for free users in Australia. It’s a test they are conducting. The Australian users of the website will skip ads. They can skip as many they want. The goal is not only to allow the users to feel easy and happy while using the website. The goal is also to know which users skip the ads and which users do not skip the ads. It’s a test run which can help the website owners understand the behavior of their users.

According to Danielle Lee, head of the website’s partner solutions:

“it will help them understand the user experience. It will help them deliver the personalized experience to the users. They want to inject the personalized experience in the ads which the public views. It will enhance the user’s experience, and they will not be annoyed by the ads anymore.

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