Fortnite Update: Shop for Leaked Skins and Flower Power this September

Fortnite Update Leaked Skins and Flower Power

The Fortnite shop is loaded with stuff this September. Get Flower Power and the latest skins of season 5 which are ready to download. Week 8 is updated with new exciting challenges and also new skins to collect. Fans have a couple of days to catch the most recent Fortnite cosmetics from Epic Games.

A new range of cosmetics and outfits for season 5 have been released by the efficient development team including a hippy-feel in all proceedings and unlike the past weekends, the new skins have an Epic ranking which means that they don’t cost all that much like the Legendary ones.

Fans can expect a balanced inflow of fresh content in the coming days. Since the Magnus and Chomp Snr outfits were ranked in one of the top rarity categories, they cost about 2K V-bucks each. There is a Tie-Dye Flyer which would complete the island with a 60s vibe.

The development team said that selling cosmetics will not give you any bonus in a Battle Royale game. The Tier 100 items will be the popular ones, though that would need some extra dedication in completing the weekly challenges which are split into hard tiers and regular tiers in terms of difficulty.

The Road Trip tier wins give players special loading screens for having completed all the weekly challenges.

Fortnite Battle Royale is now available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, PS4 and iOS.

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