Fortnite Season 6 Is Now Live: Includes New Map Changes, Skins, Costumes, Items, and Pets

Fortnite Season 6 is now live after yesterday’s server blackout that lasted for hours. The Season 6 launch for Fortnite is one of the biggest updates to land for the game. It offers a variety of content for the players and fixes several issues in the game.

As part of the new update v6.00, players will now find new haunted locations on the map. In addition, a strange new shadow rock consumable and new pets are also introduced in the game that you can literally wear on your back. Also, in the latest update, Epic Games have made several changes and tweaks to the weapons as balance is also added to the weapons. Moreover, several fixes to issues and audio enhancements are added for better directional of projectiles.

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There was also an announcement made by Sony just ahead of the latest update for Fortnite Cross-Platform play. A feature that the fans have been requesting for a very long time.

The changes in the map bring in a lot of new spots to land on the island. The loot lake is no longer bouncy compared to before. The new floating island offers an interesting endgame. Similarly, more drop places for loot are introduced near the Haunted Hills area and a new entrance for the mysterious bunker in Wailing Woods is now also available. Other changes in the map include all grown up corn fields in Fatal Fields that offer better cover now.

As part of the latest update, the mysterious Shadow Stones are now the new creepy consumable items in Fortnite. All the low gravity areas where the mysterious Cube used to print runes are now gone. Some mysterious rune-covered smaller cubes have taken their place that are now consumable.

A lot of other great things are now part of the game such as the Season 6 Battle Pass, new pets that are both walkable and carry-able (unlocked at different tiers in the game), Season 6 audio enhancements, True Cross-Platform Play (Currently in Beta), and tons of other great things. Hopefully, this new Season 6 update will keep all the players engaged in the game better than ever.

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