Fortnite Road Trip Hidden Load Screen Map Locations Revealed

Fortnite Road Trip Hidden Load Screen Map Locations Revealed

The Fortnite Battle Royale is here, and it’s taking the gamers by surprise every week with a new challenge and hidden locations. The three weekly challenges are free, and the fourth challenge is only for those who have the Battle Pass. The Season 5 of Fortnite also provides the gamers with some bonus challenges which they can win to open specific items. However, the Road Trip challenges in the season 5 are the same as the challenges in the Season 4 of this game.

The locations REVEALED!

With the gamers playing the game, the third week challenges are not easy. The Road Trip challenge is to find the hidden locations and maps and Battle Star locations. The Road Trip tier in the game gives the players some rewards in the loading screens. When the gamer completes the full challenges on a weekly basis, he can see the loading screens which are full of clues for the hidden Battle Stars.

The first Hidden Battle Star

When you complete the challenges of the first week, you should head over to the Mining area. Go to the one which is on the west of the Lazy Links. Here you will find in the E3 quadrant a hidden battle star token at the center of the highest level.

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The second Hidden Battle Star

When you complete the challenges for the second week, you should head towards the lazy Links. Here you will find that the battle star token is at the highest point of the clubhouse roof. You will find it in the F2 quadrant. You will also notice that there is a faint battle star on the loading screen at the top of the house club.

The third Hidden Battle Star

After completing the three weeks of challenges head over to the Fort at the top right corner of the map at J2 quadrant. The J2 and SW on the loading screen indicate that the battle star is in the southwest J2.


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