Fortnite PS4, No Chances for the Crossplay, PlayStation Still Best Place to Play The Game, CEO Sony

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Fortnite’s crossplay feature has remained controversial since the debut of the game. Sony received a lot of heat from fans globally on the matter, however, the CEO of Sony has finally spoken out in response.

According to the CEO Sony Kenichiro Yoshida, Fortnite PS4 crossplay isn’t going to happen anywhere sooner. Yoshida stated while he was speaking at the IFA Technology Show in Berlin, Germany. He further added that PlayStation is still the best place to play the game.

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Based on Yoshida’s words, we can clearly sum out that Sony wants its customers to have Fortnite’s best experience. This also shows that Sony believes that the customers can only have the best experience of Fortnite on PS4.

This led a lot of players across the globe to think that this is the major cause Sony isn’t allowing them to enjoy the Fortnite Crossplay. According to Yoshida, Sony has already opened the crossplay for a number of other games. He added that this is what Sony thinks is in the best interest of the users.

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The Fortnite Crossplay issue initially surfaced at the 2018 E3. This was the time when Fortnite was announced for Nintendo Switch and was also released on the same day. This led to the reveal that the players could not log into their Epic account on Nintendo Switch. If the players had ever played it on PS4, they were locked out of their accounts.

All this brewed in a huge debate and players were expecting an insight into the matter by Sony. It is to their utter disappointment that the Sony CEO has just spoken out. As a result, opposite to their expectations, Fortnite Crossplay isn’t happening at all. Hopefully, fans will hear some good news about it in the near future.

At the moment, we have this much information on the matter. In case of any further developments, we’ll keep you in the loop. Stay tuned.


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