Fortnite Snub Could Cost Google $50 million

Fortnite: Not coming in Play Store can Cost Google to lose $50 million

After a long delay, Fortnite is coming to Android through the Samsung Galaxy store, and then, it might be available for everybody to download straight from the Epic Games, who is Fortnite’s developer.

Google Play Store always distributes legitimate apps so that you can download them without any hesitation. Epic Games is giving users a place to download their apps to keep things safe and secure. However, in return, to maintain Play Store, Google takes a big cut of revenue. For this reason, the company is sharing out Fortnite for Android with its own servers, which one report suggests can cost Google to lose $50 million in revenue in the first couple of months.

Fortnite has grossed over $180 million till now on the iOS devices, where it’s available entirely since its launch on 15 March in invite-only beta, which later expanded to different App Store users. It’s anticipated that Apple has till now made over $54 million from this game via its 30% cut of spending in the store.

Google takes the same cut off their in-app purchases. Though Fortnite is totally free to play and download, in-game items have to be purchased, which is driving millions of dollars of revenue towards Epic Games.

For Sensor Tower, it appears that for 2018, Google can lose $50 million from the cut off in-store purchases made if the game was launched at Play Store.

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