Fortnite New Update is Out for PS4 and Xbox One

Fortnite set to release on Android in August

The gaming giant Tencent may have begun a wave of madness with the release of its worldwide phenomenon – PlayerUnknowns’ Battlegrounds or PUBG for short that is available on all types of platforms, one may assume that this near perfect adventure and strategy packed game would be earning profits without much competition. But a real game geek would know the real truth.

At the same time that PUBG was released, Epic Gaming Studios had just released the beta version of their new game – Fortnite, a strong contender in the race for the crown in the battle royale genre of gaming, has been forever breathing down the neck of PUBG  which has led to stiff competition that means extra pressure on the developers to keep debugging the game for any lags and make it even better at the same time.

The Progress

Which is why Fortnite developers have been working day in, day out to achieve the same target. With the last patch for the same bringing about lags in the gameplay that brought about disappointment in the users, Epic Games has been able to identify and rectify the problem in its most recent update that has been rolled out for all the PS4 and the Xbox One users out there. The remaining platforms i.e. Android, Mac and Windows users should expect a rollout for the same update in a couple more days to keep enjoying the 2 modes of gameplay available in what is yet another dope creation in the name of a game.

The Result

Just a restart to the console is all that is needed to get the new update for the same, an update that has addressed all issues related to performance and gameplay and at the same time has brought out new changes in the UI for the same. With new skins, accessories, and tools for the user to enjoy in-game, Fortnite and Epic both have taken another step in the race for the throne.


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