Fortnite Cube nearing its end game as it gets close to its explosive Finale, is the Loot Lake its final destination?

The Fortnite Cube has been the focus point of all the recent chatter over the internet in recent weeks. The cube first appeared in the Battle Royale map almost three weeks ago on August 24, 2018. Since then, the cube’s been moving while burning the mysterious runes. The Fortnite Cube has also been moving bit by bit towards its final destination.

As expected by the players worldwide, it seems that the final destination of the Cube is, in fact, the Loot Lake. This speculation surfaced based on the Fortnite Cube’s current track it’s been following since it arrived in the game.

According to recent leaks, fans speculate that the cube will burn the seven runes until it reaches its destination. Moreover, the Cube will burn all the runes on the Battle Royale map before it reaches the destination and activates.

The Cube’s been on the move and it recently printed its sixth appearance. It is believed by the players that this seventh one will be its last printing. When the cube will finally activate after the seventh rune, it’ll be on its final destination.

According to Forbes, The cube is, in fact, going to draw a cube shape on the Battle Royale map. This is visible on the tracks of the cube and the runes it has left behind. It needs 8 points on the map to draw a cube shape. So, eight points in the seven runes indicate that the eighth point is the final one.

So, based on this map, after leaving the seventh rune behind, the cube will be nearing the Loot Lake. That is why it is being speculated that the Loot Lake is, in fact, Fortnite Cube’s final destination. In addition, it is also believed that upon reaching its final destination at the Loot Lake, the Cube will activate and it will spark huge changes in the Battle Royale map.

It’s a theory at the moment. What happens next, only the developers know about it in detail. It’ll remain an enigma until the Cube reaches its final destination.

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