Fortnite Crosses 100M Mobile Downloads in Less than Five Months


Fortnite has become successful by making the record of being downloaded more than hundred million times.

The Hype of Fortnite: Battle Royale

This is the initial report of Apptopia that tells about the success of Fortnite. People have been downloaded this games 100 million times. It’s great success that Fortnite has achieved yet. Still, the Fortnite has something big to get. The game has not yet out for the Android. On the other side, Fortnite earned the more value before the game will be out for Android. However, the Fortnite has achieved the highest number in less than five months and the Fortnite is still ready to create the most top mark while releasing on Android.
Fortnite Crosses 100M Mobile Downloads

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This is the third most popular game after Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run. It doesn’t doubt that Super Mario has already the good name with the recognizable identity. The secret behind the great success of Fortnite is its best strategy, marketing as well as great advertising, took the Fortnite on the peak. Apptopia made the report for the Fortnite that explains in-app buying returns for the year of 2019. Ten report also says that game has already touched the limits of the sky.

The game has pulled the major chunks of return up to $160 million. Well, this is the amazing target that Fortnite has achieved yet. This is the profits only for in-app purchase. The game has more surprises for the people as well. They will announce the coming of the game on Android soon. In a nutshell, 100 million times that people downloaded the game only for the cell. The success on the consoles as well as on PC is showing the separate returns for the game.


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