Fortnite Clay Pigeon Location Guide: People Want to Know About Season 5, Week 3

Yes, it’s challenging to be a part of week 3, season 5 of Fortnite. People will get excited to hear the unveiling of battle pass challenges.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are so helpful for the fresh users. It benefits the user to get the top ranking. It also allows them to unlock emotes, gliders as well as a different outfit for the character. If someone wants to have tier-100 Ragnarok outfit, then he has to go through different challenges.

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Locations

  • West of Pleasant Park (Quadrant B4)
  • Northwest of Tomato Town (Quadrant G3)
  • South of Paradise Palms (Quadrant I9)
  • Northeast corner of Loot Lake (Quadrant E4)
  • Between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory (Quadrant D8)
  • Between Lonely Lodge and Wailing Woods (Quadrant J4)

The person has to complete the levels by abolishing three foes, following map, carrying a Launchpad as well as fire a Clay Pigeon. So it is so exciting to get the season week but with new things. If the person is Season Pass holder then the week, three is waiting to give all the clay pigeons. There is also the new toy emotes in season 5. The player can get the five stars by making use of the launch pad. On the other side, the player will get the ten stars while eliminating foes in troubled hills. It is a challenge for the player to fire a clay pigeon but on a different five places. It is necessary to make active the launcher of clay pigeons to fire them. It is another level to complete seeking the Grenade Launcher with Rocket Launcher.

Fortnite Clay Pigeon Location Guide

Once the person ends up all the challenging steps the rewards for the player will be there. The loading screen will appear to give the surprises. The loading screen will give a hint to unseen battle star. The game has super things for the players. It is like more fun. The interesting challenges make the player to feel excitement for the next step. Completing the challenges by getting the rewards gives the player a sense of fulfillment.


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