Fortnite Battle Royale New Skins Now Available

Fortnite New Skins

Playing Fortnite wearing the same clothing for every other person will not affect your character. But in the beginning, if players put resources into the Battle Pass framework, they can gain progress in opening a few gorgeous outfits by playing the games. As you pick up XP with this framework, you can hit new levels which will provide you with unique rewards. Not just that, each new session of games introduces some new thing to open. So there is continually something new to gain and you can show off in front of the other players in your games. If you are planning to purchase an outfit, then you can head into the Item Shop where you’ll find products for any skin of your choice.

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These are all the new outfits released:

  • Raven and Jailbird
  • Flytrap and Leviathan
  • Norse and Sunshine & Rainbow
  • Overtaker and Whiteout
  • Sushi Master and P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader
  • Omen and Funk Ops

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