Fortnite Android: Game won’t be available on Google PlayStore

Fortnite Android: Game won’t be available on Google Playstore

EPIC, The developer of Fortnite has announced that soon all the Android users will have free access to play the game. Their team is working on this project. But Epic has announced that Fortnite will not be available at Google’s Play Store, instead, they are developing their own website. It may cause inconvenience to the android users, but still EPIC will stay firm on their decision.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite: Battle Royale is shooter-battle game. Here the participants are dropped on a random place. From there they have to collect guns, artilleries, first-aid, etc., in order to protect themselves as well as to kill others. The ultimate goal is to survive until the end and kill a maximum number of people. There are many abandoned buildings from where you can hide and collect stuff. Up to 100 players can play at one go. As the game continues the place gets smaller and rivals come close to each other.

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Why ‘Fortnite’ will not be Available on Playstore?

EPIC has been outspoken about the Playstore’s tax policy which is 30% and found it really high because they do not provide services according to the cost. According to them how they expect to cover all developing and operating costs in the remaining 70%? Because of this, inappropriate tax ratio, they have decided to develop their own platform.

And iOS version of the game turned out to be a great success for the company with more than 100 million downloads. For iOS version too EPIC was planning to make the game available through their own website, but due to Apple’s strict policy, they have to launch an IOS.

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