For Honor, the Game You Must Download Available Free on Steam

For Honor

For Honor: Starter Edition is the iconic game based on the theme of a combination of heroes, i.e. Vikings, Knights and Samurai facing each other in the battle. The game is available for single as well as multimedia mode.

Grab the Limited Offer

Yes, for beginners there is an exclusive offer where through Steam they can download the game for free. Otherwise, the price of the game is $15. And the downloaded game offer is not for one or two weeks; players can have it for a lifetime.

About Characters and their Price

The game is launched with 12 new characters. For the beginners, three characters each of different factions (Vikings, samurai, knights) are gifted to players fully unlocked. Other than this, three more playable characters are given to choose, but their outfits will be opened if the player spends 8000 steals. Remaining six characters can get unlocked by expenditures 8000 steals. With these 12, another six characters are launched that can be unlocked for 15000 steals. You can also buy the 8000 steel for 8$, and if you are not in the mood to spend money, you can earn iron by playing the game for 8-15 hours.


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