For Honor Marching Fire Free Update And Expansion Edition Trailer and Gameplay Released, The Update Introduces Wu Lin Faction, Four New Heroes, Breach Mode, and More

For Honor Marching Fire

Ubisoft has released a brand new For Honor Marching Fire free update and Expansion Editions trailer. The new trailer features the Chinese Wu Lin faction, four new heroes for the game, 4X4 Strategic Breach Mode, Arcade Mode, Updated game graphics and more. Check out the new trailer for For Honor marching Fire below.

A For Honor Marching Fire game-play footage has also been release, thanks to the latest Warrior’s Den livestream by Ubisoft North America. Players can now glimpse over the content and game-play of the upcoming Marching Fire update. Ubisoft is mainly branding the Marching Fire as an expansion for the game, but based on this game-play footage, it seems almost like a brand new sequel for For Honor. Check out the marching Fire game-play footage below.

Additionally, the paid content details for For Honor Marching Fire update have also been released online. According to the new details, players will be treated to the Wu Lin warriors traveling towards the west after the brutal Civil War. The four new heroes include the characters of Jiang Jun, Nuxia, Shaolin, and Tiandi.

Moreover, unlimited Single-player content will also be available in For Honor with the Marching fire update. The new Arcade mode is basically a new solo or two-player Online Co-Op mode. In this particular mode, players will battle to earn the rewards to unlock the over-all multiplayer modes. Additionally, the Arcade Mode allows players to explore various new game heroes and level them up prior to taking part in PvP. The mode also offers infinite re-playability and delivers a new battle every time with different objectives, modifiers, and foes.

The Arcade mode will begin in November and will carry weekly events and challenges and several in-game rewards with it. All the players who will own the For Honor Marching Fire Arcade mode will be able to play it with friends who don’t own this particular mode. It’s an added benefit for both the owners and non-owners.

Marching Fire update’s paid content will be available to purchase upon its release. The new paid content will include 4v4 PvP Breach Mode and enhanced game graphics. The updated graphics will include enriched and updated textures, Improved Global Illumination, and new Cloud and Sky technology.

For Honor Marching Fire Content Update is due out on October 16, 2018.

Source: Wccftech


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