Fighting Ex Layer Update 1.1.0 Out Now on PS4, Adds Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna, Physical Version For Japan Announced

Fighting Ex Layer

Fans of Fighting Ex Layer are in for a double treat as the new update of the game has been released. The new update adds in two new characters of Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna to the roster. In addition, the developer Arika has also announced a physical version of the game for Japan.

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Not only this, two new game stages have also been introduced in the game along with several new changes and tweaks. As for the Japanese version, the developer has decided to launch it in Japan physically but a released date hasn’t been announced. Physical edition release dates for the European and western regions have also not been announced.

Fighting Ex Layer Update Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna

For Japanese fans, this might be a little setback, but they’ll be happy to know that it’s set to land in the Tokyo Game Show this year. According to Arika, Fighting Ex layer will be playable at the TGS 2018 on September 20. Fans will be able to test the game at TGS 2018 until September 23. The developer announced it via the Konami E3 lineup for 2018. So, there is some good news for the Japanese fans too.

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The new update patch notes have also been released. All the diehard fans of Fighting Ex Layer can check them out on Arika’s Facebook page.

The key additions and changes in the new update 1.1.0 include Gougi adjustments, makeup changes, a fix to the corner system, Cross-up range fix, normals adjustments, character moves adjustments and various throws adjustments. Some new additions have also been made part of the game in update 1.1.0.

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Moreover, the bugs in the fighting game engine have also been fixed along with some crucial system fixes. On top of all that, fans have two new characters added to the game. Both these characters are now part of the game.

Fighting Ex Layer is available to play on PS4.

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