FIFA 19 Release Date, Beta Reveal On Xbox and PS4

FIFA 19 Release Date

The new season of the FIFA 19 closed beta is almost here.

The lucky players of this game can send a code with the help of EA sport but they also must need to be able to jump into this game that starts at 5 pm.

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It is important to remember that you need an invite from EA sports and you must receive an email with which the code will attach. If you get no email you cannot enter.

Each of the beta code is linked to a specific account and you cannot use any other code to access the game.

The beta code for FIFA 18 was started last year on 12th of August so with luck, there is an open beta for the FIFA 19 which is not so far behind.

It was released on 10th of August and the email sent out by the EA Sport was:

Welcome to FIFA 19 Beta- Congratulations! You are selected as participantsin the FIFA 19 Beta that is starting on the August 10 at 9am, you can test and play the different modes of games, The ultimate team of FIFA and kick off. It will get started early, the preload is available now by the following instructions given a blow.

The code is specific to the personal account and not allowed to share.


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