FIFA 19: Pre-order Offer, Size, Covers and New Features


Although the game is set to be launched on 28th September, if you have pre-ordered it, then congratulations, as you can play the digital game before the launch.  The size of the complete game is 40 GB. Along with that, you can play the game the moment 30% of the game has been downloaded.

Can It Be Played on PS4 and Nintendo Switch Right Now?

No, the pre-order offer was available for Xbox One users only. PS4 and Nintendo Switch users have to wait till the 28th of September. But, the day one patch is not available right now for the Xbox users because it will be launched around the official release date.

FIFA 19 and its New Features

EA Vancouver and EA Bucharest developed the game. While Cristiano Ronaldo will be the face of the cover, Neymar will feature on the packs of Champions and Ultimate Edition. The game features the UEFA club competitions for the first time, including the UEFA Champions League. There will be a few new features like “Active Touch System” to recondition the complete player control and “timed finishing” feature so that it gets easy to ascertain the exact moment when the ball is kicked, so with this feature, the player can click the kick button one-more-time. So, Xbox One users enjoy the game.


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