Female Predators won’t appear in Shane Black’s Upcoming film ‘The Predator’

Female Predators won’t appear in Shane Black’s Upcoming film 'The Predator'

Today, 20th Century Fox revealed that the female Predators won’t appear in Shane Black’s upcoming film The Predator. The news was today revealed through clips screened only at 20th Century Fox: Predator panel at Comic-Con: San Diego.

Is It True?

As per the live coverage by CBR, the clips featured the character of Olivia Munn’, Dr. Casey Bracket, attacked by the female Predator in technical and sleek armor, when larger Predator attacks other aliens, distracting female Predator. Larger predator is “Mega Predator,” result of the genetic tampering within an alien society.

There were rumors coming from Comic-Con recommending that the female Predators will be introduced in the film by Shane. It was revealed by a close source on the project that there won’t be any female Predators in this movie film and the rumor was baseless and not true. It was just a result of misunderstood group banter.

Going Through the Novel

Introduction of the female Predator to a film franchise is first, although comics and novelizations have explored the gender dynamics between alien hunters before. Novel Alien and Predator: the Prey established that the female Predators are equal in an alien society and they may beat the male counterparts in a fight when essential.

According to the novel introduced, the female Predator who’s often depicted as the nearly visually identical from the male Predators. First coming to theaters on 14th of September, Predator film is directed by Black and stars Trevante Rhodes, Boyd Holbrook, Keegan-Michael Key, Jacob Tremblay, Sterling K. Brown, Olivia Munn, Alfie Allen and Thomas Jane in a leading role.

Introduction of female Predator

Larger Predator seems to be a Predator hybrid seen in the latest trailer. It is a first introduction of the female Predator outside the novelizations and comics meant for expanding franchise lore. The books discover gender dynamics between hunters that are equal to the male counterparts and also have the amazing capability in combat.


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