Create Your Own Female Players in NBA Live 19 and How To Get a Discount

Create Your Own Female Players in NBA Live 19

Last year, NBA Live took a step in an incredible direction by bringing the WNBA roster into play. Thanks to NBA Live 18, you can finally choose a game and play Brittney Griner, Maya Moore, and Diana Taurasi, just to name a few. Although this was a great addition to the game, it left a few wishes unfulfilled. For example, there was no WNBA Dynasty mode, so players were limited to the “Play Now” setting. The other missing part was that you cannot create a player for the NBA Live 18 in THE ONE career mode.

EA Sports has announced that players in NBA Live can create female athletes. This is the first professional basketball game to offer the option. These created players can participate in all game modes, including THE ONE, and “access the same skills, advances, and equipment of their male counterparts.” Men and women can also play one and the same team in THE ONE and emphasize that there are no limitations in this first iteration.

Players can scan their faces in NBA Live 19 with the Companion app for iOS and Android and use new icon skills that model some of the best basketball stars of all time, including Candace Parker. This recording follows the presentation of WNBA teams and players in NBA Live 18 last year, also the first in a basketball game.

NBA Live 19 has star Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid as a presentation and introduces a new system of progression and courts around the world, including Paris, Brazil, and the Philippines, “specific rules and unique challenges for such courts.”

As announced at the E3 2018, NBA Live 19 will be released on September 7, 2018, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will have a free demo version, which will be released on August 24. Members accessing EA on Xbox One can purchase a digital copy of NBA Live 19 at a 10% discount and participate in the initial trial period. Play the first trial version beginning on August 31 for up to 10 hours.

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