FDA Approves Fertility App in the US, Blamed for 37 Unwanted Pregnancies

FDA Approves Fertility App

Natural Cycles is one of the most widely used apps in the US. The FDA officially approved the app in the USA on August 10. There have been many controversies about the app. Althea Europe approved it last year, and it has more than 700,000 users, across 161 countries.

An app which the women can use to prevent unwanted pregnancies. This year there were 37 out of 668 women in Stockholm who had an abortion and were using this app to prevent the pregnancy. They had to undergo the abortion in their fourth month. Ever since then, the Advertising Standards Authority has been investigating the app in the UK.

In the investigation, they look for the way in which the app is advertising. How it misleads the people on social media. The app has an aggressive marketing strategy. It influences its users by promoting hormone-free contraception with the help of sponsored and paid posts.

Even with all these controversies, FDA has approved that the App can market it as a means of contraception. The developers behind the app are “Femtech” that focuses on women’s health. Femtech is one of the most famous companies and is expected to be at a worth of $50 billion by 2025.

The price of the app is only €64.99 per year. It works by recording the body temperature of the individual in the morning. It uses the data to predict if the woman is fertile or not. It also takes the women’s previous menstrual cycle information into account. The app shows result in the form of green and red color. If it is green it means you are fertile if it is red, it means you are not fertile.

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