Now Data transfer is easier for all the users on Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Now the data transfer is easier for all the users

Users don’t need to worry about how to transfer data anymore. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter are the giant companies joining together to fix the data transfer. These big companies opened up about the Data Transfer Project which made people move information between services. Now, the users can easily transfer as well as download the data.

The DTP has a basic function of using multiple Adapters. Adapters will be available in two types. The first form is export and import data adapters. The other form is authentication adapters to protect and verify the user. The great news is that people can transfer their pictures from Instagram to Google Photos or Flickr. There is no need for mass-downloading.

The new system will be enough to integrate all the data forms like contacts, emails, calendars, and tasks but it is still under development. The main goal is to make the things convenient and easy to handle for all the users. In the end, the only thing that matters are the users.

The aim of the innovators is to push the user just enough, to switch services. It will also create hype for the rivals, the online competition will worsen. The launching of GDPR can only be used in the EU.

But the DTP is for all and everyone can enjoy this service. This big thing is a sneak peak. It will push others towards a dynamic and more open internet culture.

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