Facebook Launches Playable Ads to Improve Game Monetization

Facebook Playable Ads

The playable ads debuted 4 years before as the new way of attracting players to play mobile games. These ads were quite interactive and enabling people to try out the game out before it’s downloaded. After so much testing, finally, Facebook is ready to launch playable ads by launching new version of its platforms.

It’s apparently been profitable, with the Indignant Birds developer Rovio saying it had seen “70% increase in the daily advertisement spending,” throughout the early assessments. Besides everything, people are responding in a positive want to this characteristic. Performance is also rolling out to advertisers right at the moment, thus you can count on to see them showing on in your Feed very soon.

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Rick Kelly, vice president in Facebook, in an interview explained that advertisers now can pitch games by using playable ads that are an interactive ad in app-install promotions on Facebook. These ads are much more effective as they give the player a very good idea of what a game entails. When such players download an app, they are likely to play this because they know that is something they already liked.

“With over 6 million apps on app stores, it’s tough to get discovered,” said Kelly. “Companies are moving from quantity to quality users, and it’s very important that we give them tools for doing that.”

Playable ads to drive good installs

The playable ads will drive higher installs from the people who already have experimented with a game and are likely to play it after installing. By combining interactive ad experience with Facebook’s capability to display ads to people will be interested and will help the game marketers to drive qualified download.


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