Facebook is Adding Dating Feature in its App

Facebook Adding Dating Feature

Every year, Facebook host its Annual developer conference where the company makes announcements for their future plans and what they are working at it. This year at F8, Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that Facebook soon is launching a new dating feature. He clearly mentioned that it intends to develop an app where the users can establish a long-lasting relationship, unlike Tinder where people meets only for hookups.

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What About Security?

Due to recent events, Facebook is infamous for breaching their users’ trust, so many questions are popping up regarding the security of user’s data while using this new feature. But CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has already mentioned in his F8 speech that the security of their user’s data is the priority and they are working on it from the beginning.

How is it Different From Other Dating Apps?

Well, there are enough dating apps available in the market, so there must be some different features available. So there won’t be a separate app, the feature will be available on Facebook itself. The users can create their dating profiles which will not be visible to their Facebook-friends. Then they will get notifications related to their suiting match. Users will have a separate column to have a conversation, they will not use the usual Facebook Messenger App.

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When Will Facebook Launch The Feature?

The Facebook team has not yet announced the official date of launching their new dating feature but has promised to keep their users updated with new features. It may sound ironic to share your personal details on Facebook, but the CEO has promised to work more seriously to keep their user’s data secured. According to reports, competitors are considering Facebook entry into this field as an invigorating opportunity instead of a threat.


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