Eve: Burst Error R Launches On Nintendo Switch This Month, Updated Graphics, Digitally Mastered Characters and Event CG, and More


Eve: Burst Error R has been announced recently by the publisher Red Flag games. It is also now confirmed that the game will release this month on Nintendo Switch on October 25. Though, this release will be only for the Japanese regions and will set you back 2,980 Yen.

Eve: Burst Error R was initially launched on PS Vita, and later on it moved to PC back in 2016. The newly announced version of the game is, in fact, the remake of the original game. According to the publisher, this visual novel title will offer a number of new features on Nintendo Switch. These new features include the ability to skip the text, updated graphics, and the digitally remastered characters and Event CG. In addition, all the characters and environment have been recolored using the original game as a base.

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As the overview of Eve: Burst Error R by VNDB (Visual Novel Database) website, the game is actually a bizarre serial murder mystery. Players will face a serial killer in a multi-sight system. There are two versatile hero characters in the game namely Kojiroh and Marina. As any of these characters, players will have to save their own challenging cases of murders.

In addition, players will be able to switch between any of these two characters at any time in the game. Then, according to the story and character-specific mysteries, players will be required to solve the cases. Both the characters have their own episodes in the game as well. Both these stories are quite different than each other and they have different endings.

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Eve: Burst Error R is going to release on Nintendo Switch on October 25, 2018. All the fans can pre-order the game via Nintendo eShop. The game offers 1 player play and is best played with Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. If you want to use the Save Data Storage Service, you’ll be needing a Nintendo Switch Online Service subscription.

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