European Conqueror X to be Launched Soon on Switch

European Conqueror X to be Launched Soon on Switch

A lit start for all the gamers with the release of  World Conqueror X by Circle Entertainment on the Switch. But here comes the exciting news as today Easy Teach and Circle Entertainment announced the release of European Conqueror X on Nintendo Switch. This game is designed to entice all the gamers and have an experience of the 18th-19th-century battlefield. To give the real historic touch to this game the center of the focus is to give the gamer the realistic experience of ancient war.

What makes this game more exciting is the fact that artilleries and battlefield that are related to European Warfare period are utilized on the battleground in the game. According to the information given by Circle Entertainment and Easytech, this game will have the following given modes.

Campaign- In this mode, the player has to go through a specific series of events of ancient war.

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Conquering- in this mode, select an initial point of a particular place and then formulate your tactics. The glory of your empire vests in your hands. You have to lead your kingdom to the victory by following your own strategy.

Challenges- Different types of challenges are imposed upon you in different levels to test your level of comprehension of the various mechanics of the game.

This is just the climax; the Circle Entertainment will release more information related to each mode as well as its distinctive features. They may introduce more options like Generals, Training, etc which will keep the fans addicted to the game.

Other than this Circle Entertainment has announced the “free of charge expansion” of the World Conqueror X last month on the Nintendo Switch. So fans, brace yourself to have lots of fun for the launch of most exciting war-game by Circle Entertainment.

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