Entertain Yourself With Some Boruto’s Episode 70 Spoilers

Boruto Episode 70

The Boruto episode 70 is named as “The other side of anxiety” which is all set to release on 23rd of August as per the official statements by the creators.

What We Saw On Boruto Episode 69

In the episode we saw, the good for nothing, Konohamaru Sarutobi, did something self-evident, but in his case was quite surprising which is fulfilling his responsibilities as Jounin. Fans have expected more such deeds from him. Other than this, Mitsuki made Chocho Akimichi finally realize that being herself is more important than the shape of her body. Following Mitsuki’s advise, she made Tomaru fell for her by flaunting her true self.

Boruto Episode 70 Spoilers

In this episode, we’ll see Rock Lee help Metal Lee to cope with his anxiety and nervousness issue by learning the 8 gates technique. The entry of Mighty Guy is expected, who gives Rock Lee some valuable advice to overcome his nervousness. Let’s see what else is there to excite the anime fans with their fantastic animation on 23rd of August.


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