Encased, the Old-School TB RPG seeks for funding on Kickstarter, Minimum Goal set for €86K


Encased, the old-school turn-based and role-playing game seek funding on Kickstarter. The developers have set the minimum goal for the campaign at €86K. Dark Crystal Games is an independent gaming studio located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Some of the DC Games’ developers have previously worked on two different Divinity: Original Sin titles.

Encased already has a page on Steam where the devs have listed games Q1 for 2019. This is the expected game early access release date. However, the studio hasn’t yet spoken out about the exact release date for the game.

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According to what the studio has shared so far, Encased is an Isometric RPG video game with turn-based mechanics. The game is set in a sci-fi world where it engages players in turn-based combats. It supports the idea of a single protagonist with many companions. In addition, the game offers 30 plus hours of game-play. The replay potential is also great.

Encased offers a variety of different characters along with dozens of side-quests and main quests. With a huge open world, exploration elements, and over 70 unique encounters, it’s a true piece of art. Encased’s story takes players back into the 1970’s where it requires you to explore a dome in a remote desert. Additionally, discovering technologies, artifacts, cheating the automatic security systems, and acing inexplicable anomalies is part of the game.

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For all those fans, who love exploring and exploitation of the environment and all things attached to it, will surely find something to love in Encased. If you would like to help the developer raise the money to complete the game, just check out their Kickstarter campaign and donate. Maybe they’ll be able to gather all the required money before the 2019 Q1. This way, fans will actually have a great game to play, on PC at least.

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