Elder Scrolls V Skyrim High Polygon Project Mod Now Available, Improves Various Game Models

Good news for all the Elder Scrolls V fans as the new High Polygon Project Mod is now available for download. Bethesda Game Studios has recently revealed the news and they have promised several new improvements to the game models.

The new version of the Elder Scrolls V High Polygon Project mod version 4.7 has brought in several improvements to the overall game as well. With all the improved scattered hay, alcohol and wall textures, this new mode update is one of the best ones so far to hit the game.

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According to the game’s new mod’s release notes, some parts of the scattered hay are removed. This, in turn, removes the stress on Poly Strains. Similarly, in the new version, fans will be treated to improved hay model shadings.

Also, the green apple model and alcohol textures are improved along with the wall textures. After the release of version 4.7, SMIM is now a basic requirement for the game, Stonewalls are also redone, and sweeping animation is also added to the game.

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In addition, the backed and grilled potatoes are added along with a smaller potato model. Moreover, the dependency on the Windhelm Throne is now fixed. This means that the players will now never require the pelt modes.

Fans around the globe are overwhelmed by the number of improvements the new mod has added to the game. The new Elder Scrolls V High Polygon Project mode is being widely praised in the player’s communities worldwide. Hopefully, in future, we’ll see some more mods like this one that’ll improve the game more.

If you are interested to know more about the High Polygon Project mod, visit the Nexus Mods page. There, you’ll also find the full patch notes as well as you can download the high Polygon Project mode.

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