Eiichiro Oda Revealed That One Piece Manga Is 80% Finished

One Piece

The popular One Piece manga series debuted in 1997. Even after 20 years, how much of the story is left? There is 20% more to wrap up, it appears. In an interview, Oda explained how this story has gotten so long. “It is due to the characters who are acting on its own”.

He further explained that “it has taken 20 years and the story has finally arrived at its 80% point, and there are still 9 members [in their crew].” In another interview, Oda talked when One Piece manga will end.

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“If the time for Manga to end ever comes, I do not want to hear editorial department to say, ‘Continue doing this longer.’ My ending is when I please.”

In an interview with Get News, Oda further said, “It is not ending so soon, however, there is a lot to the story left to come.”

Back in the year 2016, Oda was seen quoted saying One Piece was around 65% finished in the year 2016. Although, he said it was 60% done in the year 2012. While a 15% of jump towards its completion in under two years can be alarming to fans, but we know One Piece has got no problem to take its own time to attain its final destination. We are waiting for any new updates on it.

One Piece has collected over 87 volumes, with some chapters still to be included. And this is the critical and the commercial success all over the world with many volumes breaking records in Japan and other cities.

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