Easter Island 2 by Yggdrasil Gaming, 9th March 2021

Easter Island 2

Easter Island 2: Slot Overview

Yggdrasil Gaming‘s Moai sculptures are back in their own personal spin-off and this time they’re on vacation. Adhering to the Pacific Ocean, they’ve gone from their old neighborhood of Easter Island to Venice Beach, California, a spot well known for flexing, presenting, skating and engaging. At the end of the day, simply leaving individuals alone themselves. This gives the ideal area to two silly Moai sculptures to chill as they shoot respins, extending reels and epic squares in a happy game that doesn’t view life too appropriately.

It may appear to be odd that two characters who live by the ocean would pick a sea shore to invest their energy off. Whatever their thinking, the two stones have thudded themselves down on the sand close to a 6-reel, 4-column game territory. On the off chance that you’ve played the first, you realize they aren’t inactive spectators by the same token. A long way from it. Just as being loudmouthed, the team additionally engages in the vast majority of the activity occurring on the reels too. Since the opening grows everywhere, adding columns, popping huge images, and so forth, Easter Island 2 gives Yggdrasil’s group a decent pardon to flaunt their liveliness abilities. The first did too, however it’s more refined this time around with a more crowded beachy foundation.

The main Easter Island opening wasn’t actually a significant hit, yet on the off chance that you’ve played it you’ll see one additional reel has showed up. Notwithstanding the additional room, paylines have dropped a piece to 25, and, when columns extend, there are still not exactly previously. Unpredictability has been wrenched, sort of, however Easter Island 2 is certifiably not a superior vehicle. In the event that it sounds enticing however, a wide scope of stakes is accessible from 25 p/to £/€300 per turn – on any gadget.

The low unpredictability of the first has been gone up to a medium setting, which to be straightforward matches the remainder of the game. It’s tied in with kicking back and enjoying a chuckle as opposed to laying it on the line for huge amounts of money. As in the past, win length checks. Longer combos trigger better highlights. This dynamic adds to a decreased hit recurrence of 16.3%, while RTP times in at 96%. Tedious holds up can be great, given the additional pieces kick in.

Nine normal compensation images are available to make winning mixes out of. From low to high are spades, clubs, precious stones, hearts, and five distinctive significant compensation critters. The lone other image is a wild, which just appears on respins to supplant pays to finish wins.

Easter Island 2: Slot Features

Highlights have been changed from the first, yet in a general sense not a ton has changed. Image Swap Respins stay the focal repairman, which is joined by Colossal Blocks and Expanding Reels.

Image Swap Respins trigger on any triumphant mix, granting a respin. In the event that the combo was included low pays, the triumphant image type replaces any remaining low pays on the reels for the respin. On the off chance that it was a significant salary, the equivalent occurs for the high pays. Regardless of whether another success hits, you just at any point get one respin out of this element.

On the off chance that the success comprised of multiple images, Colossal Symbol Blocks are granted just as the Symbol Swap Respin. For a 4, 5, or 6 of a sort win, the game unions reels to grant a 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 estimated goliath block, beginning from the subsequent reel. Giant squares can be wilds.

At long last, if the triumphant mix is a six of a sort win, Expanding Reels are additionally set off. Here the game barricade hits to 6×8 in size prior to playing out the two highlights covered previously. In this mind-set, 55 paylines are dynamic.

Easter Island 2: Slot Verdict

Easter Island 2 seems to be a fair development to what in particular was a lovely strange idea. Moai have showed up in spaces before, yet not as exemplified as this. Talking sculptures, from quite possibly the most disengaged nations on earth? Whatever your assessments on the remainder of the game are, that is some innovative speculation not too far off. It helps that Yggdrasil’s plan group has the ability to pull it off as well, adding dynamic tones, movements and sound. For certain players, Easter Island 2 may be a touch excessively wacky however, and it may have helped if the nattering pair had an off switch.

For others maybe, the manner in which all that’s been just barely gotten through a droll channel could be only the ticket. A petite topic gets a humble number related model just as highlights that are more shimmer than substance. There’s no way to avoid the reality this is gaming focused on players who lean toward a light methodology. For those in this gathering, Easter Island 2’s carefree disposition will be more than irresistible.

Just as what’s going on in the background, those two Moai are a reasonable litmus test concerning whether you will appreciate Easter Island 2. They’re either chuckle a moment, or their fiendish babbling gets under your skin like nothing else. They do bring humor and character sure, yet they can be somewhat irritating also. In the event that the possibility of two sculptures ringing off on for all intents and purposes each activity happening during play doesn’t make your day, Easter Island 2 likely isn’t for you. On a positive note, the pair adds a social angle, of sorts, giving a touch of organization while turning for greatness.

Disgrace wonder couldn’t have been somewhat higher than the multiple times the stake potential on offer. However it’s a long way from being an awful figure and is one that suits the game. When weighing up numerical model, mind-set, and max win, all that integrates to make a decent entirety. Easter Island 2 probably won’t be a no-nonsense’s fantasy, but at the same time it’s not difficult to visualize easygoing players getting a charge out of the steady side-splitters. This is Venice Beach all things considered, so who cares about other’s opinion?

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