Dreams Story Mode 16 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage Released, Shows off New Sci-Fi Level, Features, and Functions


Dreams was showcased at the Tokyo Game Show last month and the game pretty much stunned everyone with its unique and mesmerizing game world and characters. The developers spoke earlier about how they wanted the game to be an entertaining and rewarding experience for all the players.

Well, the latest game-play footage shows off it all and it is more than amazing. The amount of features and functions, fluent movements of characters, beautifully hand-drawn game levels and challenging scenarios, Dreams is just insane.

The new game-play footage surfaced over the web via Game Informer and it offers 16 minutes of pure wonder. In the game-play footage the main story mode has been featured and the creative director for Dreams, Mark Healey commentates over the game-play and all the features introduced in the game.

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Healey runs the fans through a couple of Sci-fi themed game levels and tells about how everything was in fact, built entirely with the Dreams tool-set. According to Healey, the Dreams’ main story mode is spread across three different genres. These three genres are thematically based on Film noir, Childhood Fantasy, and Action/Science Fiction.

As Healey tells in the game-play footage, the unique characters in the game are totally crafted within the game using the Dreams toolset as well. From jumping and double jumping to hovering in the air, the little characters can as well wake the game world wake up with its beautiful charge-based spark mechanics.

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In addition, there are tons of collectibles, side quests and side missions in the game that help players find all the hidden secrets. Additionally, Mark Healey also shows off how the game levels are made using the level editor tool. To sum it all up, Dreams is a totally new breed of sandbox gaming. Hopefully, it’ll offer an exciting new experience to all the hardcore sandbox gamers.

At the moment we don’t have an exact release date for Dreams as the developer hasn’t commented on it yet. It is expected to release as a PS4 exclusive sometime in 2019. However, a Beta is planned for a 2018 release.


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