Dragon Quest XI S For Nintendo Switch, Will Take More Time To Come Out, Localization Might be Delaying The Game

Dragon Quest XI S

Dragon Quest XI S is one of the most sought-after titles developed and published by Square Enix. Since the announcement of this RPG, fans have been waiting for the game to come out on Nintendo Switch. However, the game seems a little bit far from being released on the hybrid console in the near future.

To answer all of the Nintendo Switch fan questions regarding Dragon Quest XI S release on Nintendo Switch, Square Enix has finally published a video. In the video, both producer Hokuto Okamoto and Director Takeshi Uchikawa have tried to answer all the questions of Nintendo Switch fans as well as they have talked about the reasons why the game is a bit far from a release on Nintendo Switch.

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The duo has talked about many aspects of the game in the released video. However, the focus remained on game’s development and localization. They have also shed light on why the game will not release on Nintendo 3DS in the west. According to the duo, the basic cause of it not releasing on 3DS is because it doesn’t make sense business wise.

According to the duo, Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch is currently in the development phase. The Japanese version of the game for Switch is already in works. According to the game’s developers, it’ll still take quite some time before releasing on the hybrid console. Since the team has in fact made it possible to release it on both PS4 and PC, it is highly likely that the game will come to Nintendo Switch as well. But, it is quite difficult to tell, when it will exactly land on Nintendo Switch.

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If you want to have a detailed look at what the duo of producer and director had to say, check out the following video. Do let us know about your views on the news.

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