Dragon Quest Builders 2 New PS4 Gameplay Footage Released by Square Enix Featuring Marloth and Other Characters, Checkout the new Screenshots


Square Enix has finally revealed one hour worth of new PS4 gameplay footage for Dragon Quest Builders 2. The broadcasted footage shows off exploration and questing while offering a chance to look at the game’s NPCs and Marloth who follows the game’s main Hero or Heroine on their adventures.

The footage focuses on the Dragon Quest Builders 2 story featuring the characters in a Minecraft inspired game world. The characters are seen playing around with their tools and weapons. Additionally, in the footage, we can see some gigantic monsters and the heroes ready to blast them on.

This footage reveal took place at the Aeon Mall Makuhari Shintoshi, Chiba, Japan. However, throughout the event, we never heard anything related to the official game release dates. The speakers do hint upon the upcoming Dragon Quest Builders 2 demo. The demo for the game is expected to launch before the official release of the game.

According to the game’s producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto, The game is still in development phase. The studio is currently focusing on completing the game development. After the development on Dragon Quest Builders 2 is completed, they will start working on the Demo. He also said that the Demo will, however, release before the game.

In the same game-play footage reveal event, the studio also revealed a new area in the game named as Occulm Island. According to the latest reveal, the Occulm Island is a new are in Dragon Quest Builders 2, that was once a very beautiful place. It’s now turned into a desert. Additionally, the current inhabitants of the Occulm Island are Pero, Carlo, and Massimo. You can check the details about all three of these unique characters here. For a detailed look at the game-play, characters, and Occulm Island, Check out the recently released footage below.

Also, the studio has revealed some new screenshots for Dragon Quest Builders 2. The new screenshots are added in the gallery below.


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