Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo Announced By Square Enix, New Shades for the Protagonist and Occulm Island Area Also Revealed

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo has been announced by Square Enix. The publisher made the announcement recently during the latest Dragon Quest Builders 2 Extracurricular Lesson at AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin, Chiba, Japan. However, the officially released date for the Demo has yet to be announced by the publisher.

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Additionally, at the event, the producer for Dragon Quest Builders 2 Noriyoshi Fujimoto has also said that the development for the game is still going on. Also, they will focus their efforts on completing the game first. The producer also said that once the game is out of the development phase, they will start the work on the Demo. And that the company has plans to release the demo before the full and official game launch.

In addition to all this, Square Enix has also recently showcased Occulm Island, a new area in Dragon Quest Builders 2. The Occulm Island was once a very beautiful place because of the gold rush but is now a completely desolated desert. The current Inhabitants of the Occulm Island are Pero, Carlo, and Massimo. Following are the details for these characters.


Pero is a bar showgirl in the Occulm Island. She is interested to see a bar in the Occulm Island and some Mines.


Carlo in the game is a former Blacksmith. He previously stopped working because of the Hargon Order.


Massimo is a very skilled miner. He lacks the ability to fight against the monsters.

The publisher Square Enix has also released a new Occulm Island footage as well. Check it out below.

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Dragon Quest Builders 2 is all set to release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on December 20th, 2018 in Japan. There is no word out on the game’s release in North America, Europe, and Asia yet.


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