Dragon Ball Xenoverse Series Reached New Milestone: Sold Ten Million Copies

In 2015 Dimp came up with the set of amazing fighting series called Dragon Ball Xenoverse Series based upon Dragon Ball series. It is inspired by the series called Spike called Budokai Tenkaichi. This game was developed by keeping PS4, PS3, and XBOX audience as their main target. The other 3 series was introduced in 2016 by Dimp which created a great hype among gamers. The reason for its popularity is a proper blend of RPG mechanics and realistic approach to the game that makes gamers stick glued to their couch.

Another reason for its big hit among PS-lovers makes the perfect 3D graphics. The location used in the game is the replica of Toki-Toki City and in its second series, an expanded version of the place is used called Canton City. They can fight the battle on the ground, underwater or in the air. According to the creators, it is 7 times larger than Toki-Toki city in terms of space. Along with other features, one of the most attractive features is the skills are being taught by masters in the games. These acquired skills will further help the player to unlock the different features.

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No wonder 10 million copies of Dragon Ball have been sold. It is a magnificent contribution in PS games history. Now with the more developed server, around 300 players can play at the same moment. To the delight of the PS-4 user, both open and closed beta version of the game is available. But this game also received some criticism due to repetitive nature and controls imposed on the player. Still, its incomparable VFX effects and sounds make is the number one choice of gamers. By IGN this game is given the rating of 7.5 out of 10.Go play, fight and win.

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