Dragon Ball Super Gods: Goku is the Heartthrob

Dragon Ball Super Gods: Goku is the Heartthrob

Dragon ball is the game that is loved by a lot of people. The number of fans who admire the game are not only the admirers of the characters, but the way in which they dress up and carry themselves. The character Goku is the heartthrob of the game and that is what makes the audience follow the game in each and every aspect. It’s the characters and the liking for them that made the creators think of this idea. They have created website links that will lead the potential buyers on the sites to buy the accessories and enjoy the very feel of looking like their favorite character in the game.

The things that are planned to be sold for the initial days is the Potara earring and the Time ring that is worn by the lead character Goku. These things are up for sale on the website and will be available for shipping for the month of the October. The fan seems to be excited about the decision made by the creators and waits impatiently for the sales to be started.

It’s anticipated that the Potara earring is going to cost the fan around $140 USD and the time ring will be costing around $ 106 USD. The game is starting another series of dragon balls super that has been made up to 52 episodes. The dub English version of the game is available on Adult Swim and certain other channels.

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