DokeV developers explain what that weird GTA: Babies game is actually about


During the previous Opening Night Live stream at Gamescom, we got a glance at another game considered DokeV that, in all honesty, confused us all. Created by Black Desert Online Studio Pearl Abyss, it was depicted as “a relaxed, open world experience loaded up with adorable stories” that has players gathering animals called Dokebi, who “live one next to the other with people and empower individuals’ fantasies from which they acquire strength.”

The trailer was long and boisterous and completely confounding—however sort of positively, if by some stroke of good luck since it left us needing to find out about what was happening. During the present Future Games Show, we got it: While the previous show was all strong, anger, and disarray, the present is a more clear breakdown of what players need to anticipate.

Dokebi is “soul like substances that show up in conventional Korean folktales,” lead maker Sangyoung Kim clarifies in the new video. “They move fortitude, and here and there unexpectedly raise a ruckus, yet they are fun companions to have.”

DokeV is set in a major, open reality where Dokebi and individuals live next to each other. Players can move unreservedly inside the game world, playing smaller than normal games and finishing missions, but at the same time, there’s a 10,000 foot view story to finish that is gotten hints found dispersed all through the game. Finishing certain necessities will make an exceptional occasion start, through which you’ll meet and gather new Dokebi.

The battle is intended to be serious yet available to a wide scope of gamers, and is expected to be “something fun even without anyone else.” But it’s not really the focal point of the game: “As of now, the interactivity trailer comprises of for the most part battle scenes,” game architect Changkee Nam said. “Yet, there is a wide assortment of interactivity in DokeV and you will have the opportunity to give them a shot in the game.”

One point the video doesn’t clarify is the way—or then again if—DokeV will deal with multiplayer. The game’s site initially depicted it as an “open world MMO,” however Pearl Abyss disclosed to us yesterday that this isn’t really the situation, a point the studio additionally made on Twitter. The MMO reference has since been eliminated from the site. The trailer specifies “leaving on different undertakings with companions,” however later on appears to explain that as “Dokebi companions,” as opposed to different players.

DokeV sure seems as though a game that is worked to be an MMO, however regardless of whether it just backings solo play or limited scope multiplayer, it looks pretty darn fun: A major, intuitive world you can shake around, investigate at your own speed, and follow the greater story at whatever point the urge strikes. There’s still a ton we don’t think about it, yet in view of what we do know up until now, I’m interested.

DokeV doesn’t have a delivery date yet—the trailer portrayal on YouTube says it’s set to come out at some point in 2022, yet Pearl Abyss connected with saying that a window hasn’t really been set now.

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