Disgaea 2 – The Japanese RPG is Free to Play Tonight, 55% Discount Purchase Available on Steam Until Monday

Disgaea 2 the Japanese Tactical RPG is fully free to play tonight on Steam. It’ll still be available until tomorrow mid-day. The game also has a 55% discount that will remain available till Monday 10th, 2018 on Steam.

Disgaea was initially released on PS2 back in 2016 and along with all the content which was part of the 2009 PSP port Dark Hero Days, came to Steam last year. An updated UI, Keyboard, Mouse support, and three unique playable characters also ported to steam with the game. These three characters include Miabel, Gig, and Dark Éclair.

As compared to the original PC port of the Disgaea 2, this one is rather better. Some of the players on the steam port of the game have experienced glitches during the game-play, but most players are satisfied with it. The game has received mostly positive reviews.

All the fans who’ll avail the 55% discount option, will be able to acquire it in $8.99 and £6.74. The regular price of the game is $19.99 and £14.99. Although it is cheapest at its original prices, who wouldn’t like to save a little bit more. As the rates are cut short more than half, now seems the best time to buy it. You can also try it out for absolutely free tonight. The total game size is only 2GB.

If you are a diehard fan of the series, it’ll interest you to know that the Disgaea 5 is also going to be available on Steam next month. Keep an eye out for the game’s release on Steam and avail the best options coming with it.

Disgaea 2 is a Japanese RPG with Tactical elements. It is created by Nippon Ichi Software, a Japanese video game development studio. Released back in 2006, the original game was available on PSP, PS2, PC, Linux, and Mac. However, this one is only releasing for PC via Steam. Don’t forget to get yours.


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