Disenchantment Season 2: Cast, Release Date and Episode Count

Disenchantment Season 2

A new production distributed by the Netflix network every day is nothing new or impractical for one of the leading distributors, and makers of movies and shows in the world. With a database that never seems to stop updating itself, it is hard to choose anything even at random to watch. With many shows grossing high on the charts, the task becomes even more difficult.

As such, just to simplify the process, Disenchantment is probably one of the best shows grossing on Netflix right now. A show that scores a whopping 94% approval rate by its audience, and which has already seen 10 episodes released by the network with another ten episodes already ordered by Netflix (referred to as part two), there has really not been any particular mandate on the release date for the second part itself, with fans already demanding a whole other second season.

No official word has been put out yet for the second part, let alone the second season. Just to make vague guesses, it should not be much difficult to imagine and see the entire cast return for the second season (if and when there is any) and which is why no official trailer or teaser of any sort has been put out there which would’ve just given out false hopes to the audience.

But, as a neutral observer, a lot of unanswered questions in the first part, which probably won’t be possible to answer in a mere 10 episodes, would be leaving the door wide open for all kinds of possibilities and twists in the plot.

Disenchantment’s season 2 will also have 20 episodes. It will probably be released in August of next year, as the first part of this season was released on August 17th.


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