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Basic Guide to Disable the Restaurant Recommendations in Google Maps

Basic Guide to Disable the Location Notification from the Google Maps

Google Map is a web-based service which gives detailed information about the geographical areas or sites which is around the world. It’s one of the most popular applications in the world. Google Maps also provides you the opportunity of the satellite views of different places.

In the Google Maps, a route planner gives the directions to the drivers, walkers, bikers and the users of the public transport which want to go from one place to another place. Google Street View allows its users to view through the horizontal and vertical panoramic street-level images of different cities which are around the world. The Google Map also offer the service of images of Mars, Moon and the heavens for the astronomers.

Features of Google Maps:

  • Creating a map
  • Mixing the maps information
  • Set the routes
  • Obtain directions of transport
  • Finding your location
  • Gives verbal instructions
  • Sharing location
  • Editing location
  • Getting the information about the traffic
  • Measuring the distance

Steps for Turn off the restaurant location notifications:

Sometimes the Google Maps will shows some request information about those places which you have recently visited like rating, basic information, reviewing or photos. These notification are planned to improve the overall user experience. But many users get disturbed by these notifications. In this article, there’re some steps to disable the location-based notification from the Google Maps.

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  • Firstly open the Google Maps.
  • Then tap the menu button which is given on the left side of the search bar.
  • From the sidebar of the menu select the settings.
  • Then from the setting menu select the notifications.
  • Now from the notification menu simply turn off the “question about places” option. Then clear the share which you know about the place you have been a checkbox

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